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Monday, March 21, 2005

NASA scientist speaks out about Mars life report

James Oberg, writing for MSNBC, conducted an interview with NASA scientist Carol Stoker, who became the secondhand source of a article in February alleging the presence of life on Mars. published an article February 16th saying that NASA had found evidence of life on Mars, and cited NASA's Carol Stoker and Larry Lemke as the story's sources.

NASA issued a rare public denial of the story, and Dr. Stoker privately refuted it in e-mail correspondence.

L5 linked to the original story here, followed by NASA's press release refuting the story, along with Dr. Stoker's e-mail denial.

In the interview with Oberg, Stoker said she believes the story's allegations carry the possibility of damaging the credibility of her project and her reputation in the scientific community.


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