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Friday, February 11, 2005

L5 Beginnings

I originally built Lagrange 5 in prototype form in late 2003 in a semi-blog format, just to test the concept and try out formatting. I write HTML by hand, which gave me the freedom to format the template exactly the way I wanted. But as the number of posts added up and the test site grew larger, the hand-coded HTML made the process of posting rather tedious, especially archiving.

I decided I wasn't quite ready to enter the blogosphere at that point, because I wanted control of the template I wrote and I didn't want to fiddle with a blogging application (I had had a very bad experience with MS Front Page in the past, and did not want to replicate that). So I shelved the test site about three months later, knowing I wanted to revisit it more seriously in the future.

So on a whim, here's the beginning of what I hope is a nice experiment in space blogging: Lagrange 5. In the coming days and weeks I hope to upload the template I settled on, so the site gradually comes to look more professional.

Next I'll post the "About" part of L5, which is essentially the site's mission statement.


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